"We received passport in a short time. A small & quick reply, precise explanation on procedure, cost & timings made it all easy. Thank you Team Travonika...Mrs.Milly Sandeep, Director- India HR and Business Partner, Veritas Software Technologies India Pvt Ltd."

"We got connected to Team Travonika through BBNG platform. We processed our passport through them. Precise procedure and reasonable cost. We appreciate their services. Thanks a lot....Mrs Sandhya Kulkarni, Tais Cook Nook Hatke Food Services"

"मी उदय मांडके , नयनरम्य प्रवास साठी लागतो पासपोर्ट. ते ही आम्हाला घरबसल्या करून मिळाले ! टीम ट्रेवोनिका ने सर्वतोपरीने काळजी घेतली ! खूपच धन्यवाद"

"Hello !! This is Harshal Wani, in real estate business, Pune. I processed my family Passport renewal, through, Travonika Tours. Their services were too good and with right course of action. Thanks a lot Team Travonika."

"मैं सलमा खान मुंबई, पासपोर्ट पाकर मैं बहुत खुश हूं। मैंने ट्रेवोनिका टूर्स एंड ट्रेवल पुणे , की मदद से इस सेवाओं को बुक किया है! टीम ने त्वरित प्रतिक्रिया दी और जल्दी से काम हुआ ! आपको शुभकामनाएं ! "

"Our Short-surprise trip to Delhi-Agra-Mathura was a lot more than wonderful. The travel management in every way really mattered a lot, viz Flights, Hotels and Transfers. We rambled around Rajpath, Akshardham, Qutub Minar, Tajmahal and all temples in Vrindavan. The co-ordination kept us warm, fuzzy and happy. Thanks to Team Travonika especially. "

Dipti and Renuka.
– Sanika Pande.Mumbai

"We loved the OBLU resort in Maldives. That was our high moment. The service and warmth by all the staff and natural beauty made us fall in love with the place. We really were able to relax and didn’t have to think of food etc. which was already taken care. Team Travonika and Kapil, I would like to place on record our sincere appreciation and support that you have provided us throughout the trip. We had a great time. My family was very happy with all the arrangements. Thank you so much. "

Leucadia Milly Sandeep - Director HR
– Veritas Software India Pvt Ltd.

"Our customised girls trip to Jordan and Egypt was a huge success. It started with precise planning with the help of Travonika Tours and Travel, Pune. We were astounded by the Pyramids, the catacombs in the metropolitan city of Alexandria, the beautiful temples in Luxor, the dead sea and the ruins of Petra. Living in Bedouin camps in Wadi Rum was a completely different experience. We are still spinning in ecstasy. Thanks to team Travonika for their efforts. "

Ishwari Sarang

"Yess! We can honestly say that Team Travonika have brought a change our students lives for some time, so much more within the 4 walls of our classroom. Lekha Farms as easily accessible , and activities in resorts are full of fun. Breakfast and food are everyone's liking!! Thanks so much Team Travonika."

S.B Patil school Ravet

"फक्त पुण्या- मुंबई मधील लोकांचीच सिंगापुर -मलेशिया -थायलंड च्या ट्रिप ची मक्तेदारी असावी असे नाही. आम्ही भीमाशंकर वासी कुटुंबियांसाठी , ट्रेवोनिका ने सिंगापुर सह ३ देशांची ट्रिप आखून दिली. बँकॉक , जेटिंग्ज आयलंड ( बाटु केव्हजसह), सिंगापुर सिटी टूर, आणि बरेच काही ट्रेवोनिका ने आम्हला दिले. शाकाहारी प्रवाशांना जेवणाची गैरसोय सोसावी लागते , पण हे सोडता, बाकी सर्व झकास. धन्यवाद, ट्रेवोनिका टीम !"

पंडित कोडिलकर , भीमाशंकर देवस्थान

"We wanted to let you know , what a fantastic holidays we had Delhi, Agra, Jaipur and We miss it more already. Friendly and helpful hotel staff, good food and accommodation & our favourite views we enjoyed. We admire and Thanks a ton to Team Travonika Tours and Travel "

Pranil and Priyanka Shah

"It was a very pleasant and memorable experience to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand tour. I was wishing for this journey to be memorable one for my parents and it happened so. I am really very much delighted and grateful to Travonika Team for giving this wonderful moments to us. My dream come true to gift a customized foreign tour to my parents who are senior citizens who are totally deaf and dumb, suffering from Brain haemorrhage and heart ailments. The details of the whole trip are quite attentive in every ways, and My special regards to Kapil for his untiring efforts to design our customized tour for a better way."

Rupali Pandit Aurangabad

"We are overjoyed with our Australia trip. The dazzling expanse of Hotel, sightseeing, logistics was superb. The coordination of trip, starting from Eureka Sky Deck, Green Island for Great Barrier Reef as well as Sea World Tour, and Hot air Balloon ride were well planned out. Really superb planning. Our tour was an experience by itself, we would be pleased, definitely, to recommend Travonika Tours and Travel, Pune !! Thanks a lot "

Mrs and Mr Sanjay Shirodkar
- Sanjay Tools & Accessories Pvt Ltd.

"Our honeymoon tour to Bali was just fantastic. The sightseeing at famous tour points towards Kintamani, Nusar Dua,Uluwatu, Puja Mandala and Tanah Lot temple ride is must-to see for everyone. Water Sports are very thrilling. Team Travonika put up best efforts for all the coordination. Thanks so much for wonderful trip. "

Ashwini Ghalsasi
- Viresh Kaledhonkar Pune

"Maldives is everything and so Team Travonika did everything. It was truly enjoyable and rewarding experiences. Quality services were provided by the Team , for our once in a lifetime getaway. Our stay at Niyama Private Island that offered more than just sun , sand and sea !! Thanks a lot! Team Travonika "

Ajay Bhatevara and Family

"We, group of friends from Nashik had an amazing trip to Goa , arranged by Travonika Tours & Travel Pune. The programme was personalized in such an extent, that allowed enough time to relax, do sightseeing and to have delicious Goan Food. Royal Deltin Cruise was an experience by itself. Thank you so much Team Travonika."

Dhiraj Agro Group

"अप्रतिम ट्रिप ! येथील सर्व ठिकाणे अविस्मरणीय होती. त्यातील काही उदाहरणे म्हणजे उलुवातु मंदिर, गिली आयलंड , तनाह लॉट मंदिर इ. बाली व्हिला मधील पंचतारांकित रूम्स , अतिशय रुचकर जेवण, काही ऍडव्हेचर खेळ आणि मित्रत्वाचे नाते जोडलेला ड्राइवर ही सगळी वैशिष्ट्ये, ज्यामुळे आमचं दुसरा मधुचंद्र मनाजोगता साजरा करता आला. वक्तशीरपणा तर कल्पातीत ! थोडक्यात सांगायचे तर बॅग भरा आणि सर्व नियोजन , निश्चिन्तपणे, ट्रेव्होनिका टीमकडे सोपवा आणि निघा प्रवासाला. मनः पूर्वक धन्यवाद !"

सौ . व श्री मिलिंद पावसकर

"Our trip to Amritsar Dharamshala was excellent, carefully thought through. And also, represented great travel experiences for the cost. Perfectly customized, Travel-Friendly and awesome moments to cherish along the way !!"

Ajinkya and Aditi Panse

"Just want to unwind experiences of our first test trip to Australia. We did it with Travonika Tours and Travel Pune. Team Travonika put best efforts for every minute details of customized package i.e. flights, hotels and excursions. Experiencing special thrilling places like Blue Mountain, Great Barrier Reef, Philip Island and Great Ocean Road tour was fascinating. Adorable Services and Lavish Australian culture made our trip more Cherish-able!! All the Best!! Thanks, Team Travonika. "

Maj Gen. Ghosh.

"Mesmerising Islands to Lush Green Rain forests, Stunningly adventurous Rice farms to multiple Spiritual temple visits. We as a family have experienced heaven on Earth. The entire trip offered us some of the most Cherished and Memorable moments of our lives. A huge THANK YOU to Travonika Tours and Travels and there dedicated team. "

Prof. Dr. Manoj Kalantri. Eshans Emporium.

"In it's beauty and in its scenic nature of Kerala, we saw our honeymoon trip blossoming into a meaningful relationship. The services provided by Travonika Tours and Travel are couple-friendly, accessible, and inputs given by them are easier for us to “re-live” and enjoy, the togetherness. Thanks, Team Travonika!!! "

Prasad Dumbre, Mitroz Technologies.

"We Travelled to Mysore-Coorg-Ooty with a group of 20 people. The whole tour is carved according to groups' wholesome needs viz hotels, attractions, and entertainment. The DJ night was "dynamite", fun, relaxing, well connected. The tour manager Mr.Kapil was very resourceful and experienced. We thank Travonika Tours and Travel for the best exciting trip drives ever."

Mr. Suresh Naphade

"As a honeymooner, the travel experience was one that we will cherish forever. The trip was fun and frolic, and Team Travonika was very supportive and helped us through every step of the way. The Himachal tour was amazingly beautiful. "

- Deepak Tarake, Surat.

"Wow…what an experience it was. Punctual and professional arrangements, nice hotel and serene atmosphere of Bali. This was a statement made by our client, who travelled in last week. Thanks, Travonika Team in general and Renuka Ma’am in particular."

Mr. Sagar Deshmukh Travel Pyjama Pune

"We visited Munnar, at God's own country, Kerala, a most sought tourist destination in south India with our pack of relatives. It was merrymaking trip. The entire tour plan designed by Travonika Tours and Travel was deliverable and productive. Apart from some minor issues, we all enjoyed at fullest."

Mr. Pankaj Shah Ganesh Dal and Besan Mills. Ltd

"Through, highly professional Travonika Tours and Travel, we experienced, one of the most exciting trips to Rajasthan. It, actually, helped us unwind from our daily schedule in USA. Our visits to Udaipur, Mt. Abu and Ahmedabad, rendered perfect services, by Travonika Tours and Travel in all the ways, Be sightseeing, be air travel, or be accommodation. We Thank the Team Travonika for the same."

Dr.Milind Panse , M.S (Orthopaedics)FRCP, FRCS, USA

"Our most awaiting and exhilarating honeymoon trip to Bali was indeed a blissful experience. We were certain to select Travonika Tours and Travel for being our travel partner. The resort, stay and sightseeing were pretty much romantically relaxable and We thank Team Travonika for making it special."

Nikhil Vaidya Software Engineer

"The team did best trip planning around and we ladies group enjoyed in slower pace. Everything went smoothly, felt safe during our visit to Mt.Everest and very well cared for. Highly recommended Travonika tours and travel"

Rtn. Padmaja Deshmukh (First Lady 2016-2017)

"We had our Goa Trip planned and customised by Travonika; They are a complete one-stop solution for your travel needs. They did a Fabulous job keeping in mind my 3year daughter. I know what to expect when I travel next with Travonika!"

Mr.Sainath Shetty , Konark Solartech Solutions Pune

"Had wonderful travel in Singapore-Malaysia. Thanks to Team Travonika Tours and Travel for arranging a very best of hotels, comfortable travel and cozy places to stay. It was overall splendid experience."

CA Madhav Pendharkar.

"Our Singapore trip was ‘’Easy as a Pie”. We booked with Travonika Tours and travel and They have taken care of everything in hand. I recommend this to all. Thank you so much Team Travonika Tours and Travel."

Pankaj Shah –CEO, Ganesh Dal & Besan Mills

"One of the best places I visited Thailand for spectacular places, and famous destinations to visit with most thrilling experiences of my life. We thank Travonika Tours and Travel for services with everything from air travel to exceptional Resort stay to wondrous sightseeing."

Akash Rajhans – Proprietor, A Events

"A famous destination we choose to visit Singapore because of its safe, clean, green and better equipped with amazing tourist spots. The high quality of travel life is worth exploring and We thank Travonika Tours and Travel for the best services."

Ar.Vidyasagar Jadhav- Govt. Approved Valuer

"The whole journey to Mt. Abu is tranquiling and my beloved groups’ all travel needs were taken care of by Travonika team. We appreciate their timely services and efforts to make Mt.Abu tour successful."

Pankaj Shah : CEO, Ganesh Dal & Besan Mills

"We celebrated our 25th Marriage Anniversary in Bhutan and enjoyed to fullest. Simply Bhutan is a bestowed with Greenish surroundings to visit and experience mental peace and tranquillity. The global happiness index must be infectious because it rubbed off on us with this trip which is well apprised and curated by Travonika Tours and Travel. We will surely recommend to all."

Sunil Rajopadhye & Neha Rajopadhye –Director, Shakalya Enterprises